Overseas Certification

3 items registrations in Thai FDA

1 item Halal certification

5 items registrations in Vietnam FDA

10 items China FDA

10 items Europe FDA CPNP

Domestic Certification

Designated as aventure company
(Korea Technology Finance Corporation)

Designated as Promising Rising Company (GanwonMayor)

4 Patent, 4 Design, 4 Trademarks


Won Gangwon Governor citation for the contribution to export at the 52th Trade Day (Nov. 2015)

Won Korea International Trade Association citation for contribution to export at the 44thCommerce Day (Mar. 2017)

Million Dollar Export Record Award (2017) by President of Korea

Record of Performing National Tasks

Foundationof Agriculture Technology Commercialization and Transfer(supportfor the commercialization of R&D outcome-Development of high functional mask pack utilizing sprout barley extracts (2015-2016)

Kangwon National University (support for the commercialization of transferred technology) (2017)

Gangwon Technopark Fast Track: support for obtaining Chinese FDA (2017)

Technology Transfer

Extracts that contain sprout barleyorigin polyphenol compound and its manufacturing method (From National Institute of Crop Science)